iMac, Mac & MacBook Repairs in the Leeds-Bradford Area

MacBook Air Repairs

Both 11inch and 13inch Macbook Air models can be repaired by our technicians, including cracked screens, hinge replacements, charging issues diagnostic, keyboard replacement, touchpad repair and battery servicing. If you are unsure what kind of repair your Macbook Air needs just call us on the shop landline and one of our adviser will be more than happy to advise you.

MacBook Pro & MacBook Pro Retina Repairs

The trustworthy and fashionable Apple MacBook Pro is a staple feature on our state-of-the-art repair lab. Our techy wizards are able to walkover even the most time consuming repairs such as keyboard replacements, motherboard repairs, display replacements, water-damage rescue, and much more. We have hoard of genuine Apple parts allowing us to offer screen replacement as same day. We also offer to options for screen replacement, you can either decide to replace the LCD and glass or the complete top unit for a perfect finish.

iMac Repairs

Our Apple Gurus can carry out all sort of improvements on your iMac, such as SSD upgrades, increase your RAM or software updates. We can carry out all other maintenance procedures your Apple iMac requires as well. Our 1500 sqft premises have been designed with these huge devices in mind, so your beloved iMac is in the right hand, in the right place. We can also execute repairs on physically damaged iMacs and rescue inoperative iMac.

Mac Pro Repairs

We are the really first company in Leeds to offer a full service solution for the newly launched Mac Pro: our technicians delved into the minutiae of the puzzled "trash can" Mac Pro immediately upon release by Apple to offer you their expertise on this amazing device. These high end systems need to be in perfect condition to function as intended, that's the reason why you should only trust conversant companies with this device.

Mac Mini Repairs

We are intimately familiar with the mac mini, we are servicing and repairing this device since its first release in 2005. We can easily upgrade the memory (RAM) and storage (Hard Drive - SSD) of the mac mini same day as our 1500sqft premises stockpile replacement part for this device. We can also bring your Mac Mini back to life with a logic board repair! We provide the in-depth repair service other technicians cannot. Component level repair is our speciality. Our technicians are trained and certified to handle your Apple Mac mini service and repair needs.

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