Sony Xperia Z Series Repair

Our crack team of Sony practitioners have been replacing screens, charging ports, batteries, earpieces, liquid crystal displays, headphone jack and much more over the past 10 years expertly carving out a reputation for quality repairs. With the majority of our Sony repairs we only use original parts, if we don’t carry original parts in stock for the model you need mending we will use the highest replica parts available on the market.

All Sony screen replacement requires an expert installation technique to get the repair perfect ensuring a zero gap policy on all repairs or renowned technicians carry out.

The standard run of the mill repair garages will unfortunately lack the skill and tools (don’t forget the enthusiasm) to accomplish the perfect and seamless finish you Sony Xperia requires. This process involves carefully drying the adhesive using a custom designed mini oven with the air flow set at the lowest turbulence possible. This process is the best solution for a perfect seal and always used in our repair labs.

We are exceptionally proud of our repair methodology the Sony Xperia Z series allowing our expert technicians to show off their advanced skills and clinical factory finishes we can accomplish with the entire Sony Xperia range.

Xperience our Expert 30 minutes Sony Xperia Screen Repair Service
Backed by a 12 months warranty.

We pay attention to detail with every repair we carry out our work will be definitely be more appreciated many months down the line when the run-of-the-mill garages screens will fail miserably when the Xperia is exposed to elements of daily life.

We offer an ultra-rapid repair service for all the Sony Range including the latest Xperia Z5 and Xperia X all screen repairs are done within the hour. Our engineers will meticulously bake your screen into the frame / bezel guaranteeing a zero-gap repair ensuring a solid bond between the frame and LCD unit. The majority of our parts are sourced from Sony Japan by our dedicated overseas purchase department guaranteeing the highest quality parts affordable prices.

We can now offer the original Sony Z3 complete screen assembly ensuring the water damage seals are not affected in anyway. This method ensures an original quality Sony would be proud of. We offer a less expensive option where we can just replace the LCD / Digitiser assembly using your existing frame if required.

We are now offering the same solution for the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, the Z5 Compact and the Sony Z5 Premium, please call in store on 01132591700 for further assistance. We stock a vast range of genuine Sony Xperia replacement screens enabling us to expertly repair all models within the hour.