We have become market leaders setting the highest standards for quality repairs within the hour restoring your treasured iPads

We now offer a genuine parts replacement program, prices have been kept the same.

To our knowledge we are currently the only company in Leeds offering a genuine screen replacement, samples are always on display so you can easily compare our parts with your original Apple branded glass. By our using these parts you can be assured that touch sensitivity remains unaffected after replacement.

The glass we use feels exactly the same, cold to the touch just like the Apple Original. Our genuine glass will also pass the water droplet test, an indication that the coating to the digitiser is an oleo phobic one. Other differences between our very high quality glass and the ones generally used elsewhere are outlined below

How our screens differ from the low quality parts generally used elsewhere :

  • Contains the Correct shade and colour coating to the underside of the glass allowing the digitiser to blend seamlessly to the existing colour of the home button.

  • Has an oleophobic coating allowing your finers to glide effortlessly across the screen and makes cleaning grease much easier and bearable.

  • Contains an anti glare finish to the underside of the glass allowing it to absorb light and give off less reflection.

  • Correct dimensions for the camera aperture grill allowing the camera to function as intended without compromising picture quality.

  • Smoothed edges allowing the glass to fit flush with the bezel.

  • Exactly the same sensitivity as the Genuine Apple part. Some low quality imitations will contain dead zones and other defects.

  • Thick glass construction with built in flexibility allowing the glass to more readily absorb impacts and flex withour easily breaking.

Our store is the only one of its kind in the UK.

It has taken us over a year to finally gain access to the very high quality OEM quality glass, to our knowledge there is no other company in Leeds that is able to provide you with this digitiser. Don't take our word for it, if you call into the shop we will be able to show you samples of all the different grades of glass that are available on market. We have in stock all three different grades and are able to explain in great detail the difference between each one. Just call us on our main number and one of the technicians will guide you through your options.

We were repeatedly encountering problems purchasing the Grade A glass as they are regularly out of stock due to lack of demand, (yes most companies prefer to fit low quality parts and this is the kind of rubbish mostly available) because we cater for a more discerning clientele it was imperative we always had the premium glass in stock, our company has invested heavily not only in the premises itself but also in the parts we use, We have even kept samples of the very low quality glass being fitted elsewhere, we regularly have to rectify botch Jobs by other service providers. We have kept these for illustration purpose to give our customers a feel for the varying degrees of quality on offer.

Our repair philosophy

Here at iPadService we take a great deal of care and attention by treating each iPad individually delving into the minutiae to ensure the perfect finish on all iPads.

We offer an unrivaled and distinctive service, we operate from a state of the art workshop which is fully viewable on google maps, we are currently the only genuine shop offering a full 12 Months "no-quibble" warranty, we have been established for over 10 years so this is a warranty you can put your faith in.

We were there at the beginning of the original iPads launch and offering a repair service ever since. All of the original technicians that pioneered a repair method for these difficult to work on Apple Tablets have remained at our workshop. With this you can be confident a highly skilled and experienced technician will be dispatched to work on your iPad.We have invested heavily to ensure our workshop is replete with all of the cutting edge equipment to safely and quickly work on your Apple iPad Tablet. There is currently no other repair business in Leeds with anything close to what we have. We are not your typical opportunist side street based shop. We cater for the high end customer, where only perfection will suffice.

Apple and other tablet repairs require a steep learning curve, we have 50K repairs under our belt.