We excel at curing all iPad symptoms.

We excel at curing all iPad symptoms.

We have become pioneers in the repair industry crunching through 1000’s of iPad repairs servicing the West Yorkshire Area for the past 20 years, providing quality repairs at affordable prices with the fastest turnaround time possible.
Our technicians have been carefully handpicked from all over UK for their experience, skills and expertise.

We guarantee the highest standard of workmanship using original parts.

We are market leader when it comes to screen replacements, our technicians are versed in all type of repairs. We can replace the top layer of glass or the LCD in 30 minutes with no prior appointment. Our technicians’ skills have evolved over time curing all types of symptoms including logic board failure, FCP connectors and replacing Integrated Components (ICs). We are also renowned for cosmetic repairs such as replacing the glass, the display, Li-ion batteries, home buttons, speakers, charging docks and faulty or damages volume/power keys.

You are free to call our store and speak to a sale technician for any faults not mentioned, we will be happy to help.

Our repair lab is integrated with the latest technology with state of the art equipment.

We have recently upgrade our liquid damage kit to an industrial grade ultrasonic cleaner and now offer same day repairs with all types of liquid damage. Our success rate is extremely high with iPad that have been contaminated with dirt, liquid and grease that has crippled the functionality of your iPad. Even if your iPad is totally unresponsive and showing no signs of life chances are our technical team can resurrect it back to its former glory.

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Please select your device below or you can call our store for an instant quote on 0113 259 1700

iPad Classic

Splash / Liquid damage is our speciality.

iPad Air & iPad Pro

Screen / Glass replacements is second nature to us

iPad Mini

We delve into the minutiae with logic board repairs for iPads

We offer a Custom iPad Repair Solution.

We provide a tailored solution for all our iPad repairs ensuring a perfect repair every time backed by a 12 months no quibble warranty. Our technicians have been handpicked from around the UK for their experience, technical skills and clinical cosmetics finishes (Our store has been trading for the past 20 years in a landmark building in Horsforth).

Hardened Repair Technicians

We guarantee to have you iPad repaired to the highest humanly possible standards. You must at all costs avoid most run-of-the-mill ex-PC repair shops who are now dabbling with iPad repairs causing more damage by cutting corners and using inferior parts, this combined with very little experience and skills will result in a unusable device’s that has been crippled by poor workmanship. Our skilled technicians are perfectionists grinding through thousands of iPad repairs every year. We guarantee perfection or your money back.

Our crack team of iPad practitioners have mastered their technique with thousands of iPad Repairs over the years.

Perfect Fitting Solution

iPAd Air 2 perfect repair

When replacing broken glass screens on various iPad models we will take great care in removing the glass shards that have been dispensed over the LCD and throughout the internals of the iPad’s. This is a crucial procedure to avoid any damage to the LCD, internal running gear and logic board components ensuring no future problems with the iPad’s we repair. The methods we use are simple but a closely guarded secret many in industry would like to know.

When fitting the new touch screen we will completely remove the old adhesive from the frame of your iPad using a specially formulated liquid chemical that also removes grease and dirt that could possibly interfere with the bond between the new touch screen and the frame. We also stock a custom modified steel clamp system that will easily correct any warped, bent or crushed corners of your aluminium iPad frame within minutes, just speak to one of our sale technicians regarding any damaged you may have to corners of your device.

From great knowledge and past experience, we know every inch of iPad’s and that each iPad can develop various symptoms and damage. Here are some of most commons faults we rectify in our store on a daily basis:

  • Outter Digitiser Glass
  • Display LCD
  • Home Button
  • Speakers
  • Headphone Jack
  • Volume/Power Keys
  • Charging Port/Dock
  • Bent Frame
  • No Power
  • Liquid/Water Damage
  • WiFi
  • 3G/4G Signal