Flawless iPad Mini 2 Glass Replacement

From £70

We can replace your broken touch screen glass on your iPad Mini Retina flawlessly within 30 minutes with no prior notice, we offer a walk in service with all our repairs and there’s no need to make an appointment. We have our own free customer car park attached to our building at our customer’s disposal. Our work is exceptional and backed by a no quibble 12 months warranty. We are clinical with our repairs ensuring a perfect factory finish every time.

We will expertly remove your broken iPad Mini 2 glass ensuring no damages is caused to the fragile aluminium frame and running gear flex cables inside the iPad. We will remove the entire old adhesive from the frame using a specially formulated liquid that also removes minute shards of glass, grease and dirt that could possibly interfere with the bond between the new touch screen and frame causing the newly fitted glass screen to lift after a few months of usage. We will then expertly fit across the new glass digitiser using a unique bonding methodology mastered by our technicians over the years never allowing any movement for lift. We guarantee to leave no finger prints, dirt, grease or smears between the touch screen and the Liquid Crystal Display.

iPad Mini Glass Replacement

Let us elevate your device “ to Infinity & Beyond ”

After replacing thousands of digitiser and LCDs on all types of iPad’s,
our expert technicians possess the skills to carry out the most strenuous of task curing all iPad symptoms.