Expert iPad Mini Diagnostics

iPad’s are essential tools used both for leisure and work with personal and sensitive information stored on them such as photos, bank details and various other personal information. We will never ask for your passcode/password when it is not necessary for example dealing with hardware repairs such as replacing screens, batteries, charging ports, speakers, connectors, home-buttons and volume keys.

These are classed as cosmetic repairs and don’t require passcodes, we will only require passcodes and apple ID information when preforming restores and updates on the software on your iPad’s. Our expert technicians are extremely skilled when replacing parts avoiding formatting any personal information you may have store on your device, with these repairs your passcodes are never required.

iPad’s may suffer many symptoms from issues with viruses contaminating the operating system paralysing the iPad’s functionality crippling the complete device form normal use. Other major problem are powering up faults but don’t panic we are experts with vast knowledge and expertise curing all types of symptoms including freezing, slowing down, broken screens, battery failure, touch screens.

We do not charge a fee for any quotes on iPad’s unless we have to carry work out on the device such as removing the glass screen to access the internal of the iPad. Our expert repair technicians can surgically remove the top touch screen usually without breaking or damaging it but unfortunately 20% of the time the screen will suffer a crack, a shatter, or possibly develop a touch fault when removed from the aluminium frame of the iPad. If this occurs the screen will need replacing for a small fee (usually the cost of the part).

The iPad does not have any simple methodology in removing the touch screen but our technical gurus have developed an advanced solution even apple would be envious of. We have constructed a custom designed hot plate applying the perfect temperature allowing the adhesive to heat to a state; paralysing the bonding strength between the screen and the aluminium frame. Our technicians will meticulously extract the touch screen with state-of-the-art custom made utensils constructed specifically for this extraction process avoiding any damage to the fragile touch screen panel.

iPad 4 Diagnostic procedure

Our methodology and what separates us from the competition:

  • We aim to have all cosmetic completed within the hour.

  • We offer an amazing 12 months “no quibble” warranty.

  • Our entire expert’s technicians have over 15 years experience in the repair industry.

  • We have free parking always available in our large car park.

  • We are located in a vibrant shopping parade stretching ¼ mile including pubs, bars, restaurants, Costa, Tesco express, KFC, etc...

  • Most of our business originates from recommendations and word of mouth.

We have the skills, we have the edge, backed by 20 years’ experience in the repair industry.

Let us elevate your device “ to Infinity & Beyond ”